• Welcome

    Welcome to Simple Twist Fiber Arts Studio, where our mission is to make the learning and practice of fiber-work accessible, affordable, stress-busting, and, above all, simple.

    With a focus on what we call the Root Skills – felting, Turkish spindle spinning, and Continuous Strand frame loom weaving – you’ll be taught using affordable, basic tools to create lovely works of fiber art.


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  • Felting

    Once again, imagination is the watchword when it comes to felting. Whether with water or a barbed needle, this craft can take you anywhere you want to go creatively.

    I offer private lessons and workshops for 3 to 8 students, which combine both wet and needle felting to create small pieces. Animals, both fanciful and realistic, are my strong suit, and what I love to teach. Check the Events for special scheduled workshops, or get at least three friends together and book your own.


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  • Turkish Spindle Spinning

    I wish I could effectively put into words how soul satisfying (and addictive!) it is to spin your own yarn.

    I love spinning on a spinning wheel, and never thought I’d find a spindle that could match that tactile satisfaction until I ran into the mighty Turk!

    The Turkish Spindle is just so ingenious and forgiving, and, in no time, creates a beautifully structured, center-pull ball.

    This craft feels so much like play that it will melt your cares away.


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  • Continuous Strand Weaving

    A frame loom, a modest amount of yarn, and your imagination is all you need to enter the magical world of Continuous Strand Weaving.

    Create anything, from a five foot square plaid throw, to a funky art yarn pillow, to a faux leather woven clutch – whatever you can dream up can be woven and popped off the loom in minimal time, with minimal yardage (no waste!), and with a maximum of stress-free fun. Come by the studio for an hour’s introduction, and I can guarantee an Ah-Ha moment. After that, just decide on a project, and we’ll structure a class – or a workshop with friends – that will be a perfect fit.


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