Ancient Tools & Ancient Arts

I call them the root skills – spinning, weaving, and felting. Learn the practice of one, and the others will soon call to you. The studio’s mission is to make the learning of these ancient textile modalities simple, affordable, fun in the purest sense.

Needle Felting

If you can imagine it, you can felt it! Small figure/animal sculptures are my specialty. Let me show you the magic of both needle and wet felting.

Turkish Spindle

The Turkish Spindle is a work of fiber craft engineering that is ingenious, forgiving, and about as zen as it gets. Spinning up a a perfect center-pull ball is pure joy with this ancient tool.

Continuous Strand Weaving

From throw blankets, to pillows, from shrugs to cowls, the possibilities truly are endless with this amazing weaving method. Come learn how this no-waste, meditative craft can turn minimal yardage into beautiful cloth.

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My love of handwork was kindled at age seven when my grandmother taught me to crochet. A brave undertaking by any measure, made downright daunting with my Baba’s insistance on starting me off with a size 0 hook and lace cotton. Miracle of miracles, I was “hooked” and surprisingly proficient in no time. As I learned more and more stitches, I enjoyed just messing around, making crazy little doilies, knowing that if I goofed, I could just rip back and pick up.

Crochet has come in and out my life, always showing up when I needed it most, and that’s what handwork does, doesn’t it? When mood, stress, or sadness threaten, picking up your handwork is your private life raft, floating you away from your troubles…


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